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Written by ESC Author on 21 Sep 2022 Posted in Blog

Staying in that nation must have been on your desire list for a very long time if you have always fantasized about earning a foreign degree in your field of study. The very first benefit that comes to mind when you consider moving to the same country is that of staying in a familiar setting. The option for France to remain is one of the enormous prospects.

The majority of international students yearn for career prospects in the same nation, sometimes even the same city, to pay back their loans or find a permanent home to settle down. However, the issue is the lack of employment opportunities, intense international rivalry, and varied systems for other nations. Therefore, it is imperative that you comprehend the rules and regulations pertaining to the post-study and work-in-France visa.

Study in France

In this post, it will make a few general suggestions on the services Study in France offers its thousands of international students each year.

France student visa

In reality, France offers three fundamental types of study visas to foreign students, which are covered in the following outline:

Students who are admitted to brief spring, summer, or language courses that last three months or less are eligible for a short student visa. No extensions are permitted for the visa.

The second category is nonrenewable as well. These programs last for up to six months.

The third form of student visa for France, which provides a stipend for employment following graduation, is intended for ordinary bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs at the country's leading universities. Unquestionably renewable.

Option to remain in France

International students who wish to enroll in small, intensive courses in France are not permitted to remain there after graduation. After finishing the course, the student must depart the country. They are allowed to apply for a different work permit at a later time, nevertheless.

If a student has paid work, they are eligible to apply for a residence permit in France. Students must apply for a work permit and this is applicable to both bachelor's and master's programs.

There is, indeed, great news for master's students. You can apply for and receive a temporary residency permit good for 24 months after finishing your master's program.

Permit to Work After Studying in France

If you want to stay in France after earning your master's degree for a while, applying for a work permit is a great alternative. They have more time to obtain employment, apply for permanent residence, settle school loan debt, or build their resumes by working for multinational corporations.

There are various types of France student visas for staying back, and students must determine which one allows them to stay back after study in France.

Short-term course participants with duration of six months or less are not permitted to remain in France after the course is over. They have to leave the country, but they can return if they reapply for a work permit.

International students who have completed their Master's degree or higher from a French institution are eligible to apply for the VLT-TS visa, which allows them to stay in France for two years after completing their course to hunt for employment.


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