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Explore Business Economics and management degree in Europe

Written by ESC Admin on 10 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog

Study MBA in europe

A degree in business economics and management is an increasingly essential tool in a global economy. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it will give you a solid background in advanced business economics and management and enable you to upgrade your skills in applied contemporary management techniques combined with gained knowledge of international entrepreneurial activities represented by a number of lectured disciplines of four specializations Marketing and Trade, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance, and Accounting and Taxes, for a career in business and entrepreneurship sphere.

Business Economics and management degree in Europe

What is Business Economics and management all about? This field of study is a branch of business that focuses specifically on the application of economics as it relates to the operation of a company. Business economics students often take a combination of courses from both economics and business programs. Additionally, there are many required socio-political studies, including anthropology, psychology, and public economics. Business is one of the most rewarding fields to build a career in, but it can be an industry that’s difficult to break into. Studying business economics benefits students by providing a unique angle of focus that often makes them appealing to companies. Degree holders usually earn much higher salaries and are often more sought after.

Graduate of the Economics and Management program acquires general knowledge and skills in the following fields: the latest scientific, economic and managerial trends in the globalization of the world economy and their impact on the business sphere; application of mathematical-statistical methods in scientific research; use of information technology in scientific research; precise formulation of assignments, procedures and results of professional and research work; communication and presentation of research knowledge and results would be in English.

There are numerous job opportunities for students studying this program in Europe. The graduates can find work as a researcher of an academic employee at universities, research institutes, consulting firms or directly in the management practice of companies at a higher level of management abroad. The acquired knowledge and skills graduates will apply in professional departments of companies in management, finance, informatics, business economy, as well as in services, or in public administration. So if you consider yourself a bit of a problem-solver or an entrepreneur who is not averse to some quantitative analysis, willing to do some networking as part of your career, and who is interested in business strategy, it is well worth looking into the advantages of studying management and business. This could just be your cup of tea.

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