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Scholarships for International Students in Ireland

Written by ESC Author on 24 May 2022 Posted in Blog

Discover about the scholarships provided to assist you pay for your foreign education in Ireland. Ireland is one of the most economical study abroad options while yet providing high-quality education. Scholarships can assist alleviate financial stress even if the tuition and living expenses are very low.

Scholarships vary depending on the organization that offers them, your university, and your course. There are various alternatives available, and with a little investigation, you may locate a scholarship that is right for you.

For your education in Ireland, you can apply for a complete scholarship that will cover your tuition as well as other expenses such as housing and meals. You can also apply for partial scholarships that cover only the tuition or only a portion of it. Following are the most popular international student scholarships in Ireland:

International Education Scholarships from the Irish Government

Through the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, the Irish government gives 60 scholarships to international students studying bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in Irish universities. The scholarship provides a stipend of €10,000 as well as tuition and registration expenses.

Postgraduate Scholarships from the Irish Government

International students studying reach-based master's degrees and doctoral programmes can apply for a Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship through the Department of Education and Skills.

After their institution confirms their admission, individual candidates can access this award to study in ireland. The fellowship offers a €16,000 stipend, a €5,750 tuition contribution, and €2,250 direct research expenditures each year.

Walsh Fellowship

The Walsh Fellowship is offered by Teagasc, the Agriculture, and Food Development Authority, to 140 students who pursue a doctoral or research-based master's degree in agriculture, horticulture, agri-food economics, or rural development.

Full-time academic personnel from universities that collaborate with Teagasc submit applications. Following that, the qualified staff will nominate one of their pupils to get the fellowship. Each student will receive €22,000 in scholarship money.

Scholarships for foreign students at Irish universities

Irish institutions value diversity and annually welcome a large number of brilliant students from all over the world to study in ireland. As a result, most Irish colleges provide financial aid or scholarships to deserving students. Check your university's website before applying to check if you match the eligibility requirements.

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