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Written by ESC Admin on 20 Nov 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in Europe

Ever felt the urge to study something out of the box and stand out in the crowd? Your search is over, read on to find out more about a course that will give you an edge over the traditional programs - WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s dig in a little deeper and get a brief idea on this program.


Wildlife management is interdisciplinary in the protection of vulnerable and endangered species and subspecies and their ecosystems, as well as non-threatened farm animals and game species. Throughout wildlife ecology, conservation, training and extension, the Wildlife Management program emphasizes both applied and basic research. Managing wildlife involves maintaining parks and forests, restoring and rehabilitating wildlife habitats, controlling pests, preserving human life and property, and managing wildlife harvests. For example, managing wildlife populations can include several different things: • Managing wildlife habitats • Managing people Managing individual animals in populations to either alter or maintain the population constant. The wildlife management techniques and styles differ depending on your location, and as with any work, you will find that you need to conduct research on wildlife management. This course is intended to provide students with a broad-based introduction to the wildlife management concepts and practices common to many species around the globe. The main objectives of the program is to train high-quality master-level experts in wildlife and game management with theoretical knowledge of animal biology

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