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Top Reasons Why Finland is Ideal for International Students

Written by ESC author on 08 Mar 2024 Posted in Blog

Nestled in the heart of Northern Europe, Finland has emerged as an unparalleled study destination, drawing students globally with its unique approach to education. The Finnish education system, renowned for its emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and equality, sets the stage for a transformative academic experience. In this section, we delve into what makes Finland an ideal choice for international students seeking a world-class education.

Why to Study Abroad in Finland?

Before delving into the specifics of universities and their tuition fees, let's explore some key facts about studying in Finland. The country boasts 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences, attracting more than 20,000 international students. With over 500 English-taught bachelor's and master's degree programs, Finland's higher education system is both diverse and inclusive. While EU/EEA students enjoy free university fees, international students encounter varying tuition costs. In 2020, Finland allocated 5.88% of its GDP to education, reflecting its commitment to fostering academic excellence.

Tuition Fees in Finland:

For EU/EEA students, Finnish universities generally offer tuition-free education. However, international students, including those from India, may face differing costs depending on the institution and program. Annual tuition fees for bachelor's and master's degrees typically range between €4,000 and €18,000. Monthly living expenses, influenced by accommodation and lifestyle choices, can add an additional €700 to €900. A yearly student union fee of around €50 might be applicable, depending on the university.

Scholarships for International Students in Finland:

Finland provides several scholarships for international students, enhancing accessibility to quality education. Some notable scholarships include:


  • Finland Scholarship: This assists talented non-EU/EEA students, covering first-year tuition fees and offering a relocation grant of at least €5,000. Participating universities include Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, among others.

  • Finland Doctoral Fellowships: These support non-EU/EEA students pursuing doctoral studies, contributing to their salary and providing an arrival grant of €2,000.

  • University of Helsinki Master’s Program Scholarships and University of Oulu Tuition Fee Waivers for International Students are additional avenues for financial aid.

Requirements for Qualification and Documentation Necessary for Pursuing Studies in Finland


General eligibility criteria and documentation requirements vary across universities:


  • Bachelor’s program: High school diploma or International Baccalaureate certificate, transcript of high school grades, SAT/admission examination, and English language proficiency scores.

  • Master’s program: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications, academic transcripts, and in some cases, two years of work experience with proof. English language proficiency scores are also essential.

Additional documentation may be needed, such as references, admission essays, proof of funds, visa documents, passport, and other personal details. These requirements differ between universities.

Embarking on an academic journey in Finland provides international students with a profoundly enriching experience.. The country's high happiness index, thriving economy, robust education sector, and opportunities for global exposure make it an ideal choice. With a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge learning, Finland welcomes students to a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.


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