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Study European Law to become a Hero in protecting the rule of Law and Human Rights

Written by ESC Admin on 20 May 2019 Posted in Blog

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European Law has always been among the most sought-after and widely respected courses to study at university.A Master’s degree in the  same is the best option for those who wish to study law, but don’t want to remain intellectually confined to just one country. With a long history of pioneering higher education, Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities for studying law. For many, a law degree is the first step along the path to a career in the legal sector, often followed by the further study and training needed to become a practicing solicitor or barrister. However, this is certainly not the only reason to study law at university. Law degrees are notoriously challenging, and for many students, the attraction lies in the unique combination of human interest and intellectual stimulation provided.

Law is a discipline dependent on the place you wish to study it. If you go to a normal Master’s degree in Law in Germany, you will have to deal with notions from German national law. Studying an EU Law degree offered by law schools all over Europe is different. But that doesn’t mean that a European Law degree is the lazy way out. If you wish to study the law of a specific country, a European Law degree is not right for you.

study law in europe

However, an International and/or European Law degree doesn’t require you to learn the laws of all European states. European Law enables students to familiarize with a series of rules, directives, treaties and rulings, settled by the European Court, which all EU-member countries must abide. It means learning how to safeguard the core principles of the European Union. Finding the best Law degree abroad is not always about ranking numbers but also about the study offer, the international environment and much more. There’s no wonder that Western European countries are the main provider of Master’s degrees in European Law. The shortlist of the most popular countries where you can study European Law is The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

The courses of a European Law Master’s program are very diverse and encompass all aspects of Law, from history to special documents that dictate the continent’s future. Some of the subjects you will be studying in Law School in Europe are the history of the EU, European Union law, Competition law, Structure of the main Institutions, Legislative process and voting procedures, European treaties. Overall, you will learn a lot about EU citizen rights, laws regarding free movement and trade, fair trade regulations, rules governing companies and investment as well as environmental law in the EU, criminal law, and much more. By following a career in European Law you will become one of the many heroes protecting the rule of law and human rights, making sure the foundation principles of the European Union are respected and live on.

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