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Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience to Companies

Written by ESC Admin on 12 Aug 2020 Posted in Blog

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Whether you've expected it or not, training overseas may have made you more marketable for prospective jobs. The expertise and experience that you have learned overseas will quickly be translated to the world of work. But it is up to you to show the connection between your knowledge of studying abroad and the particular skills that are appreciated by the business or agency with which you wish to work.

Introspect yourself with a few questions

Introspect yourself with a few questions that are intended to help you start discovering some of the foreign expertise, skills and experience that you might have. Also, take the time to consider the responses to the questions that surrounds versatility, cultural adaptability, larger outlook, language learning and leadership. Those are a collection of specific qualities that may be highly transferable in the career search that can be used as essential in the recruiting process for employers.

They’re extremely marketable irrespective of whether you're applying for a job with a domestic company, an foreign agency or planning to work outside the world. You may have established valuable qualities as a internationally qualified student that employers would respect if you have studied abroad.

In your career hunt, successful promotion about yourself allows you to integrate these qualities into your curriculum vitae, cover letter and talk points during work interviews. Upon returning to the school, remember the various ways you can "unpack" and "make sense" of your foreign education.

Meet a career coach to study and restructure your CV

Participate in college or neighborhood activities to articulate what you've learned and how you've developed new intercultural and technical skills

Share your encounter with foreign students from the country where you studied to obtain a fresh outlook on the society's culture and norms

Practice articulating how you faced challenges in adapting to your life abroad, becoming more agile and open-minded, more knowledgeable in the second language and more optimistic.

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