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Written by ESC Admin on 17 May 2021 Posted in Blog

Study abroad

The ECTS consolidated and supplemented the various local norms within Europe since Europe is made up of different countries with different credit systems. For exchange students, universities may use ECTS as a primary or secondary grading system. These credits are awarded based on a student's overall workload (study hours) and learning outcomes.

The workload is the amount of time that a typical student would require to complete the learning objectives. Students' ability to explain what they have learned during a course is the result of their learning. Implementing the ECTS has many advantages for European universities and students, including the following:

  •          You may have a Bachelor's and Master's degree from a separate EU country and work anywhere in the EU because your accomplishment would be       recognized.
  •          Easier to document the complexity of a course.
  •          There will be no distinction made between students from the United States and those from other countries.
  •          If you plan to change majors, your ECTS credits will help you avoid having to repeat the same courses.
  •          Your degree will still have the same number of credits, regardless of your major or specialty.

The Score Calculation

When you complete a course, lecture, or module in Europe, you will earn ECTS credit points. Each ECTS point represents the amount of work you completed during that time span. As a result, you will have 180 ECTS credits at the completion of a three-year Bachelor's degree. Completing a two-year Master's degree will earn you 120 ECTS credits. You will receive 60 ECTS credits for each year of study.

When converting ECTS credit points to study hours, one ECTS credit will equal anything from 25 to 30 hours of study time, depending on the region. While European countries have agreed on the ECTS scheme, they have not agreed on how many study hours one ECTS credit point should be worth

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