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University Application Fees: All You Need to Understand

Written by ESC Author on 21 Jun 2022 Posted in Blog

Going to study in another country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it can be costly. There's also the application fee, which you may not have considered. To apply for one of their programs, several colleges charge a fee. Here's everything you need to understand about university application fees.

What is the purpose of application fees?

It may seem weird to have to pay a fee to apply to a university program, but there are two major reasons for this.

The first is to ensure that only genuine applications are sent in. It can be attractive to apply to a large number of schools in order to hedge your chances, even if you aren't particularly interested in any of them. However, if there is a cost to pay, you must carefully consider each application you submit. Because fees are non-refundable, you will not be reimbursed for any unsuccessful applications or those you choose to decline.

The second purpose is to cover the expense of analyzing and evaluating each application on an administrative level. Universities might get thousands of applications for their most popular programs, and evaluating them all requires a significant amount of time and resources.

What is the cost of university application?

The amount you must pay varies depending on the country, university, and even program. Application costs for popular postgraduate programs like MBAs can vary from $45 to $75, but they can go as high as $150. All of the fees you'll have to pay should be explicitly stated by the university you're applying to, so double-check before you begin.

Is it possible to avoid paying cost of university application?

College application charges can be a huge financial hardship for students. Universities offer fee waivers to ensure that students with limited financial resources can submit an application.

You will be excluded from paying the application cost if you receive a fee waiver. Fee waivers might help you save money while also allowing you to apply to some of the best institutions.

Who is eligible for fee waivers for college applications?

To qualify for a college application fee waiver, students must demonstrate financial necessity. The requirements may range from one college to the next, but most will require documentation that the candidate is a:

A person who lives in a temporary home

  •          Students eligible for the Pell Grant
  •          The student eligible for the federal FRPL (Free or Reduction in Price of Lunch) program.
  •          Upward Bound and other financial aid programs participant
  •          Family member who receives public aid or lives in federally subsidized public housing
  •          A member of a household having an annual salary that does not exceed the USDA Food and Nutrition Service's guidelines.

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