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How to take advantage of Your Education in a Job Interview

Written by ESC Admin on 06 Jul 2020 Posted in Blog

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The possibility of a career interview without prior previous experience may be overwhelming. Yet work experience is just part of the equation, so by emphasizing relevant successes so abilities that you have acquired over the course of your career you can overcome your lack of work world knowledge.

Your research is probably the largest endeavor you've worked on in your career – and if you're a new academic and needs work experience, it's worth exploring it in a good amount of depth. Reflect on the aspects of your paper, famous individuals you met or collaborated with during the thesis, and how you prepared and composed it.

Make sure you do your homework

Make sure you do your homework on the business and the position before you go into an interview – this will give you a deeper perspective into how you can align your studies abroad with their beliefs and priorities. It's also a good idea to think about the skills you have learned while studying abroad and to relate them to how they can be used in this job.


When you have traveled abroad and will actually make you stand out from the crowd, so use your special background to prove how much more competitive you are than candidates who have not studied abroad. Note that there will still be something you can chat about to impress an interviewer, and convince them that you are an excellent candidate.


Also if you don't have much work experience, you 're sure to have worked in a part-time position or be doing an internship at school or university during your time. This would also have helped you develop your skill set; be it with job-specific abilities, or soft skills like communication and analytical thinking.

You need to use your qualifications to market yourself in a graduate work interview-and that does n't just mean your degree. Through leveraging various facets of your time at university level, from your research experience overseas to your participation with student societies, you will convince an applicant that you have all the qualifications they are looking for, even without any job experience.

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