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Written by Admin on 04 Oct 2019 Posted in Blog

study in latvia

Located along the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, as a crossroad between East, West, North and South, Latvia is considered a geographic hotspot. It shares borders with fellow Baltic States, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as with other countries like Belarus, Russia and Sweden. It was influenced by the varied traditions of its neighboring countries due to its unique location, thus offering a multi-cultural experience for students taking up an education in Latvia. Latvian education provides a comprehensive curriculum and global perspective to provide students with the necessary skills and qualifications that will serve as a springboard for a brighter future. Latvian research offers opportunities for cross-cultural exposure and personal development.

The Medical Engineering & Physics program trains medical engineering professionals. The program's main parts include courses on theoretical and practical innovations, project work and leadership, pedagogy and psychology. All leading medical firms make an important contribution to the study course.

Detailed information

The course provides detailed information on current best practices and is delivered with the participation of medical equipment and electrical technology clinics, corporations and organizations. Medical Engineering & Physics offers a platform for publishing up-to-date biomedical engineering advances and represents the subject's critical multidisciplinary existence. The emphasis is on applying the basic principles of physics and engineering to medical device and technology development, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of health care. Biomechanics, biomaterials, mechanobiology, recovery technologies, and biomedical signal processing and design of medical devices are included. The goal of Medical Engineering & Physics is to keep both engineers and clinicians up-to-date with the latest healthcare technology applications.

Best academic staffs work closely in the area of medical engineering and physics with colleges from various universities and institutions in Europe and around the globe. Teachers are engaged in research and teaching as well as in international projects, seminars and journals, Members of businesses and hospitals are involved in the development and implementation of the study programme and Program content is focused on international experience and best practices.

Medical physics engineering engineers work in medical facilities such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, specialist centers, laboratories and suppliers of medical equipment, in distribution, training, testing, manufacturing, development and research companies. One can take Professional Bachelor of Medical Physics and professional qualification in medicine physical technology engineering or Professional Second Level Higher Education in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science.

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