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Why is it necessary to download a university prospectus?

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Nov 2020 Posted in Blog

Study in abroad university prospectus

It can be a difficult business to pick a university or course. It is hard to make your mind up, with so many choices on the table! University prospectuses have been the best way to discover what your university or college has to offer you effectively for a long time. Also the transition to digitally-based documents has not defeated the famous prospectus of the university.

International students nowadays have the ability to view them online!

Do you want to know why an important first step in selecting your university is to download a prospectus? Find out below

  1. The University Prospectus is the most successful way to get to know your favorite university or college ... in a nutshell. You will fall in love with it from early on with a wide overview of the best of your future university. It is not only offered by universities as a reference, but also as a way to engage you with the university's character, even when you are still in your home country.
  2. Simple to get: farewell to the long days waiting to arrive at the post office. The change from paperback to a digital prospectus means you're just a click away from your latest shiny university guide. All you need to do is press 'Open' and save it on your computer.
  3. The best view: You can get the best summary of the programmes, classes, facilities offered according to your topic and the study groups you can participate in with an online prospectus.
  4. Check and compare on and offline: You can check and compare the details given again and again once you download and save your university prospectus. You can compare the courses offered by the same university, or you can compare what is available at two or more universities, offering you a greater opportunity to choose what is right for you.
  5. Clear deadlines: An online university prospectus offers a clear description of all the deadlines for applications in one place, describing carefully what you need to do and when. When applying for scholarships and other funding opportunities available at the university or college of your choosing, it also helps you to be a step ahead.
  6. Accessible in your language: Most online prospectuses are now available in various languages and provide foreign students with very useful information, such as life in a new place, information on housing, medical facilities and more.          

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