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Get back into the swing of Academic Rhythm

Written by Esc Author on 16 Dec 2021 Posted in Blog

All have experienced the feeling of returning to school after a long summer break, picking up a pen for the first time in months, putting it to paper, only to realise you've lost the ability to write. Getting back into a study routine after a long absence can be extremely difficult, especially if you are returning for postgraduate study. Academic writing, libraries, and 9 a.m. lectures have been buried deep in the back of your mind as a result of your time away from studying. But there is still hope!

Following these four steps will help you quickly get back into the swing of university life:

Ease yourself back in: The last thing you want to do when you return to school after a break is to start studying 10+ hours a day. Take it easy for the first few days, attend all of the introductory talks, and get to know the people in your department. Don't worry if it takes you a while to adjust; this is normal, and you'll soon be back in the groove.

Catch an Early Night: Time away from studying has a negative impact on your sleeping patterns. It is common for sleeping patterns to be all over the place when you return to study if you have no reason to get up in the morning or a job with odd working hours. When you return to university, it is extremely beneficial to establish a routine. Make an effort to stick to a sleeping schedule when you return to school; it will really help and ensure you have plenty of energy for the day ahead.

Always Eat Your Breakfast: Doesn't that sound like something your parents would say? But it's a fantastic piece of advice. Having a good breakfast simply makes studying easier and less stressful. It also aids in the establishment of a good routine, similar to getting a good night's sleep. Breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to stay awake during those early morning lectures or long library sessions.

Plan Your Time: This is a brilliant idea because it provides you with a sense of direction. There is nothing worse than showing up to study without planning your time. If you don't plan your time, you'll make it 100 times more difficult for yourself to get back into the swing of academic life. It's easy to do and doesn't take long at all; it's well worth it.

Simply following these steps will make the transition back to academic life much easier. Sunny days at the beach or working a full-time job will soon be a distant memory. Instead, your thoughts will be consumed by thoughts of essays, academic books, and revision. The ability to write will quickly return to you, and you will be fully immersed in the rhythms of academic life.

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