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Written by ESC Admin on 16 Jul 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in Greece

There are a lot of study abroad destinations in Europe. Every country has a lot to offer in addition to quality higher education. Some have very low study cost while some countries are dominant in some study fields. Greece is a developed and stable democracy with a modern economy. Located near the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Greece is an entrance gate to the European Union centred both geographically and politically in south-eastern Europe. By studying in Greece, one acquires the infrastructure needed for a successful professional career as well as the qualifications for further studies. Greece is a warm and welcoming country with a high level of English spoken, particularly in the cities.  Greece is an exotic beautiful country also offering the services as study abroad destination. It is a wonderful European country that has been hosting international students for many decades. It is said to be the birthplace of modern education and civilization. Greece is an ancient civilization and currently a focus of tourist from all around the world

Study in Greece

Greece has a strong higher education system that always keeps a check on their institutes. They offer higher education in the best manner possible where student of every cognitive level can learn to fullest. Greece higher education system was ranked 41st best in the world to study in 2017. Teachers in Greece mostly focus on developing practical and professional skills. There is found a wide range of English-taught programs in every study field. Greece is one of the European countries that is counted among cheaper places to live. Study cost is actually very low even for students from developing countries. Students would be lucky to live in such a country that is visited by over 20 million tourists every year. Greece also had a big influence in the early concepts of science, and most symbols often used in physics and math equations are derived from Greek alphabet. The first known mathematical formula was discovered by another Greek, Pythagoras. Also known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is fast becoming a popular destination for international students, as students race to understand better the roots of Western civilization and see first-hand where many great ideas (including democracy and individualism!) came to be.



  •          Attend some of the best universities in the Europe
  •          Affordable lifestyle
  •          World Heritage Sites
  •          Warm weather all year round
  •          Friendly and Welcoming Environment and People
  •          Internationally Recognized Qualifications

All in all, studying and living in Greece and getting to know its people is an amazing experience, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it! So start looking for Bachelor or Master Degrees in Greece and embark on a glorious study adventure!

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