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Busting the Misconceptions People Have about University

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Sep 2020 Posted in Blog

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When you're going to start living overseas, you've got to get a lot of preconceived notions about how your time at university will be like. There are a lot of misunderstandings about university life that students hear from film or social media, and they come to know that they don't actually be valid. The truth is that no one teaches you how to be a student at university and you sort of figure it out as you go. Here are just a few misunderstood facts about university life to help you know better what to expect:


you should not be walking to find your roommate in your dorm room only to make an immediate bond and become best friends forever. The truth is, you and your roommate need time to get to know each other and become comfortable. At first it would feel very uncomfortable because you get to know each other's interests and dislikes. You will need to be as flexible and patient as possible, because when it comes to cooking, cleaning or other living habits, your roommate may not share your same traits.

The majority of foreign students leave home with a heavy heart to launch their new study abroad trip. They also believe their home, family and friends will always be missing. Yes, nostalgia waves are bound to jump every once in a while but the fact is, it's not going to be as bad as you thought. Once you arrive, all the student activities and events in Welcome Week will whisk you away with meeting new people and getting to know your new hometown that you are going to be too busy to think of being away from home.

Another myth about university life is how students are often separated and their parents are always being called upon to submit money. Studying abroad is not a secret how costly it is but there is still the possibility to make your own money. Most students feel it's hard to reconcile getting a career with going to college, but the fact is it's totally doable! It may get busy and sometimes a little stressful, but having a part-time or summer job during college will ease your financial worries and your parents will definitely sleep better knowing that you are financially secure.

Ultimately, being a graduate student abroad is the perfect way to approaching it, one day at a time, and remaining confident. In the midst of your new responsibilities and hard work, always remember to take time and enjoy the experience to yourself.

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