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Written by ESC Admin on 25 Jul 2019 Posted in Blog

Study abroad

The first day of college is always an exciting one, added to that if it’s in a new country the excitement grown ten folds.  One goes through a whole range of emotions from happiness to nervousness and everything in between. The anticipation for what’s to come and how to cope in the changing environment makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable. But I guess the dos and don’ts on the first day are something you would want to know. Here are few items to remember when you're on the most exciting day of your life.

Do: Set goals

It is necessary to set goals to accomplish things in life. You can set short-term goals for the day or the week, such as having get familiar with the campus and the various facilities offered, get a paper completed before the weekend, or long-term objectives such as having an A in this semester in one of your most challenging courses. You should have goals in every area of your life. You can also have private goals, such as making a new friend, or like entering a student organization that you are interested in. You are more likely to remain committed to them when you set clear goals and get things done.
Don’t: Be afraid to ask for help
Doing stuff yourself is part of being an adult. But when you need to get some additional assistance, you should also learn to take it. The best part about college is that, with a number of distinct resources which are accessible, taking help becomes easier. The faster you make the most of it, the better. You can reach teachers, educational consultants, student health and counseling facilities, etc. with whatever assistance you need on your campus. Don’t be hesitant to ask for assistance, it's completely normal. We all need assistance sometimes.
Do: Be punctual
Being punctual is a trait that will help you in the long run, one that is valued by every organization and employer around the world. So start now and ensure you prepare things before hand such as the cloths you want to wear on the day, your books and other school essentials are packed the night before, get up a little early so you have sufficient time to get ready and reach on time. The impression you create on being punctual is of a serious student and that’s definitely a point in your favor on the first day!
Don’t: Trying to network with your seniors isn’t cool on the very first day
Seniors will come and communicate if they're interested. It’s better that you don’t take the initiative and start the communication. This can seem a little extreme. You have many university festival and functions ahead of you, so you don’t have to worry. These functions will provide a wide range of interaction with your seniors.
Do: Adjust with your surroundings
You will have to build friendship with different kinds of people who you will be different when it comes to culture, food, style and much more. So it is very necessary that you learn to adjust.


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