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Most Popular Masters Programs in Ireland

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Sep 2020 Posted in Blog

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While we know and love the Emerald Isle for its natural beauty and tasty exports, Ireland is also a center for academic research, it is easy to forget that the region. The nation, which is the same size as the Indiana state, boasts a whopping 31 colleges , universities or higher education institutions! Let’s look at only a couple of Ireland 's famous Masters Programmes.

1) Environmental Sciences

What better way to think about the world than at one of the most beautiful places on earth? A Master's degree in Environmental Sciences encompasses everything from fisheries and marine protection and climate change and environmental impact assessment. With this degree in hand and too much academic experience under your belt, you will go on to work in business, for-profit , non-profit, or education industries. It's a highly flexible degree for those involved in learning more about and how to preserve the environment.

2)  International Peace Studies

Peace and strife seem to be at the forefront of the minds of all late so what better way to learn how to create peace? It is just what you’d be studying in a master's program with an International Peace Studies. The plan not only looks at war but, most notably, explores strategies to deter military conflict by peace-building.

3) Bio-engineering

When you've dreamed of being a biomedical engineer, this could be the curriculum for which you plan to travel overseas. Upon completing this Master's degree in Ireland, students graduate with the qualifications to either practice and concentrate on clinical needs in the medical instruments industry or study within an institute. Most graduates chose to resume their studies and obtain a PhD at top Ireland and global universities. The Bioengineering curriculum will train you for an thrilling future at the intersection of medicine and technology, no matter what direction you chose.

4) Law

Not all law schools give students the ability to learn with graduates from around the world, so you'll get exactly that by pursuing a Master's degree in Ireland. Students have the chance to learn from their classmates when practicing either private or public law. This kind of curriculum trains students at the master's level to define, analyze, and synthesize ideas and concepts.

5) Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, last but not least, represents the last top master's degree program on our list. This study course helps students to view mechanical engineering and manufacturing from both a theoretical and a scientific viewpoint. Students of this curriculum have the rare ability to carry out comprehensive work and produce a thesis, training students for a wide variety of careers.

If you've ever worried of obtaining a master's degree overseas, Ireland could just be the place to do it. What is better than decent food, stunning scenery and intellectual rigor? I can't think of anything, actually. Living the chic European life is convenient, while training for a successful career in a variety of fields.

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