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Top European Cities for the best International Education Experience

Written by ESC Admin on 24 Sep 2019 Posted in Blog

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From the snowy north to the sunny south, a lovely landscape, crowded towns and vibrant cultures is a welcoming location for learners from all over the globe throughout Europe. It is a wonderful place to reside as well. European nations invest in their higher education systems, while preserving high quality standards, to assist create education accessible for learners. Tuition fees and living expenses across Europe compare very well with other locations of research. There are lots of scholarships options available too. Most of the countries in Europe also offer study courses which are taught in English language. You'll also find programmes taught in other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.

Here is the Top European Study Abroad Destinations:

United Kingdom- UK is known widely for its highly reputed education system. UK qualifications are recognised all over the globe. It is the most reputed and respectful foundation of the world.

- Modernized Learning System.

- Affordable Tuition Fees and Accommodation.

- Multicultural

- Vast Choice for Institutions, Academics and Subjects.

Ireland- This is a country with quite a long history of providing quality education. With dynamic and modern qualities, it is also known to the fastest growing economics of the world.

- Leading Global Companies Headquarters.

- Internationally Recognised education system.

- Temperate climate.

- Close end relationship between education and economy.

Germany- It is known to the land of education, science and ideas. Germany is one of the highly developed nations of the world.

- Quality Education

- Low Tuition Fees

- Multicultural

- Economic Power

France- One of the leading providers of international education. France is the fifth largest economy and the second largest provider of service. France is a country with a great multicultural heritage and diverse environment. It is a hub of multinational companies.

- Affordable Tuition Fees and Accommodation.

- Multicultural

- Vast Choice for Institutions, Academics and Subjects.

Italy- This is a country with a unique blend of Italian cultural studies and courses in a variety of majors from business and fine arts. Being a place with amazing food and language, beautiful art, and dynamic history, Italy is the most soughed destination for aspiring study abroad students.

- The country is also extremely diverse, ranging from thriving cultural cities such as Rome, Milan etc.

- Surrounded by the natural beauty of vineyards, mountains and stunning coastlines.

Spain- While studying abroad in Spain you can enjoy the sun, soak up the culture and use it as a gateway to see Europe on a budget. Spain flaunts with festivals, siestas, and flamenco dancers.

- Affordable living costs, if opted for country living.

- Is in the heart of Europe.

- Sizable study and research cost.

Sweden- Sweden is a wonderful, friendly and a beautiful nation, which has been considered one of the most advanced countries in the world for gender equality and wealth. It's also known for its high quality of life as well as good safety and cleanliness.


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