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How to achieve your dream education in France on a Budget

Written by Admin on 03 Dec 2019 Posted in Blog

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Well it's no secret that France is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad, but it's absolutely not known for being a country that is budget-friendly. You can seek to use federal financial assistance when studying abroad in France or find a study abroad program that offers scholarships, but what if that's not an option? Is it possible to study on a shoestring budget in one of the world's most expensive countries? But, it is entirely possible for students to study in France without breaking the bank and here's how.

Firstly, like a local, discover secret deals & budget advantages. Either you study with a provider overseas, through your school, or enroll directly in one of the many prestigious universities in France. Whether you're traveling for a summer, semester, or full school year, direct college enrollment can be a great way to spend a budget studying abroad in France. An International student at France is usually entitled to a lot of free and cheap things. France has made a concerted effort to make tourism available to students and young people, so be sure to keep some kind of student Id on you and always inquire if students have a reduced price.

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The bus is the cheapest option to travel around the country on a budget, while a train can get you farther and quicker. Most students use flixbus or ouibus (operated by SNCF, the national rail company) on a regular basis.

Always remember to be on budget while shopping in France particularly for students who want to study in France on a tight budget. Being one of the world's most popular destinations abroad the country is full of options so you can easily find economical options everywhere.

Students from around the world want to study in France, and French study abroad scholarships are therefore highly competitive for non-Europeans. In general, scholarships that include a cost-of-living stipend are reserved for students participating in Erasmus exchanges, although there are other financial support options. Erasmus exchanges are between European countries and a limited number of former colonial French-speaking science, business, and medical students.

Thus, France is not exactly known as a low-cost country, but as a student abroad it does not have to be unattainable. The country has plenty of services in place for students, low tuition if you apply directly that will help you live on a fair student budget in France. If your dream is to study in France, don't let money deter you. Get imaginative and capture it.

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