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Insights of Vilnius, The Land of Baroque architecture

Written by ESC Admin on 31 Aug 2019 Posted in Blog

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Vilnius, The picturesque city of Lithuania is well known for its baroque architecture. The city is splendid with itshistorical importance and religious significance. The unique culture of Vilnius encompasses the respect for traditions and also innovative in nature. The land is known for its Building and structures. Apart from being a tourist destination, the Lithuanian capital is among the most bilingual and educated cities in Europe.

The long-standing tradition of higher education of Vilnius offers a warm environment for foreigners, makes it more prior among international students. The universities and schools of applied science offer study programs bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, taught in English and professional qualifications can also be obtained at schools of applied sciences. University studies help the students to achieve a higher level of excellence by providing standard academic education and theoretical trainingThe length of full-time university studies is four years, and it is often five years for part-time studies.Graduates are awarded with a bachelor degree. In postgraduate studies that last one and a half to two years.

Lithuanian is the official language of Vilnius, one of two living Baltic languages. It is regarded as one of the most conservative living Indo-European languages that have retained most of the features of the Proto-Indo-European language. Most of the universities offer various courses annually for the foreign students who want to learn the Lithuanian language and for speakers of other languages who live in the country and want to improve their speaking skills.

Vilnius offers lower tuition rates and lower cost of living

Vilnius offers lower tuition rates and lower cost of living than many places in the region.The academic year starts in September and ends in mid-June and is divided into two semesters – spring and autumn. Though the tuition fees vary depending on the institutions, and the study program and the universities and schools announces their tuition fees annually could range from 1500 Euro to 8,500 per year depending on your degree. For bachelor's level studies the students need to have a secondary school certificate, to document the eligibility, and also provide official translation of documents along with the original documents. For post-graduation 3 to 3.5 years of bachelor’s degree is must. The universities also offer scholarships for students of all fields, lectures and research students can also apply for state scholarships.

Vilnius education is famous for its management courses in Business and tourism. And also it offers courses in the field of management, technology, arts, medicine, Experts in laser technologies, information and biotechnologies, architects and artists have been promoting the Vilnius universities worldwide. For a non-European Union citizen to study in Vilnius has to apply for a temporary residence permit.


Vilnius is an easy place to navigate with all the buzz of a contemporary European capital. It facilitates with a world class environment and infrastructure to grow. A well-educated workforce, low operating costs and individualised attention are making Vilnius more appealing for the younger generation. A number of knowledge-based industries are already flourishing in the land of Vilnius

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