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Living in Germany as an international student: Tips and advice

Written by esc author on 24 Jun 2023 Posted in Blog

Germany has become a preferred destination for a large number of international students, who are drawn to its renowned universities. The country's education system offers numerous advantages, contributing to its growing popularity among students worldwide.

When you arrive in Germany, you will join a diverse community of international students studying in Germany, making it easier to navigate and socialize. To help you prepare for your time here, we have compiled a set of valuable tips specifically designed for international students in Germany. These insights will prove useful during your stay, whether you have already arrived or are in the process of planning your journey. 

If you're an international student studying in Germany, here are some helpful tips to consider:


Finding suitable housing can be a daunting task when moving to a new country. It's important to consider factors such as location, living alone versus sharing a flat, and furnished versus unfurnished apartments. Let's explore the various accommodation options available to international students in Germany:

  1.       Student Halls
  2.       Private Apartments
  3.       Shared Flats

In addition, there are different methods of renting accommodation in Germany. You can choose to rent through an estate agent, utilize online portals, or even rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. Exploring these different avenues can help you find the most suitable rental option for your needs.

Safety and Comfort

Maintaining your safety and comfort as an international student in Germany is relatively uncomplicated, as the country is widely recognized for its student-friendly environment. However, it is crucial to be attentive to a few key aspects while residing in Germany. Being in a foreign country necessitates a heightened level of awareness.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when you arrive in Germany:

  1.       Emergency numbers: Memorize 112 for general emergencies and 110 for the police.
  2.       Secure your belongings: Be mindful of your personal belongings, especially in crowded areas, to prevent theft.
  3.       Stay cautious at night: Avoid empty public spaces when alone during nighttime.
  4.       Separate your money and cards: Keep your money and credit cards in different places to minimize the impact of losing your wallet.

Public Transport System

Navigating the public transport system in Germany is straightforward and efficient. Here are the various modes of transportation to choose from:

  1.       U-Bahn: Also known as the subway or underground, the U-Bahn is a popular choice in major cities.
  2.       S-Bahn: The S-Bahn is a commuter rail system that operates within the city center, linking suburbs and nearby towns.
  3.       Buses and Trams: Look for a round sign with a green "H" in a yellow circle to locate bus or tram stops.
  4.       In addition to these options, taxis are also a reliable and safe alternative, albeit more expensive.

Expenses In Germany

To cover living expenses, it's estimated that around 934€ per month or 11,208€ per year is needed. Monthly rent tends to be a significant expense, so choose your accommodation wisely. Consider the location of your university when selecting a city to live in, as living costs can vary. Bigger cities generally have higher expenses, while less-populated cities tend to be more affordable.

Cheaper cities to live in Germany include Bielefeld, Frankfurt (Oder), Halle, Krefeld, and Passau. On the other hand, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Bonn are among the more expensive cities. Regardless of your location, developing good financial management skills is crucial for maintaining a balanced budget.

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