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Different types of study methods while studying abroad

Written by ESC Admin on 08 Nov 2020 Posted in Blog

Study in Abroad

We are all different in how we learn; some of us can sit down and memorize text easily while others are better at responding to more engaging methods. Numerous other variables, including climate and even our own bodies, are also to be considered. It will take time to find the approach that works for you – so it's a good thing that you have three or four years of research to perfect this. Long before you're going to have to sit exams, get used to revising your notes on a weekly basis because you're already used to sitting down to research – this way it doesn't feel new to you coming exam time. It also gives you enough time to experiment with some of the alternative methods of analysis that we propose below:

alternative methods of analysis that we propose below:

If you have an extended, uninterrupted study time, like a week of study, change your sleeping patterns. Nights can be quieter and some note that they immediately have more energy after having a good meal. Also, you’re less likely to compare yourself to others by being a bit of a recluse and by practicing late at night, and fear you don't do enough.

The eerie silence is one of the things that keep people off the library – you’re just waiting for something to break the suspense, and time may feel like it's moving painfully slowly. Music can help; but the heavy metal anthems or thumping drums you’re used to do not make learning easier. You may also want to put the podcasts loaded with conversation back and forth on hold, too.

Sticking to conventional pen and paper approaches means that you would not be tempted to visit other web sites that have little to do with learning. If you want to go a step further, you can temporarily deactivate your social network accounts; or if you trust your mate, ask them to change your password and then return it to you once your exams are over.

Experience how you reward yourself with hard work. The little things make the biggest better when you are depressed and you have exams coming up. Someone thinks they need a reward in advance to be guilty of working harder later (although be careful as this can be risky if you want to reward yourself over and over).

These are few of the alternative methods that you can try out to study and to accomplish your goal in a much adequate way.

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