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Written by ESC Admin on 20 Jun 2019 Posted in Blog

Study in Europe

Due to many misconceptions, thousands of dreams get shattered every year as the students step back and stop trying to get into top foreign universities to complete their higher education. When it comes to a foreign education, a lot of false information reaches potential students that projects an alternate reality and causes them to make uninformed life-altering decisions. Instead of listening to various rumors, it is best to get information from an official or an authentic source. Here are myths and the facts about studying abroad:

Myth 1: Studying abroad can cost a bomb!

The general impression is that studying abroad could be unimaginably expensive, which might leave you drowning in an ocean of debt. The fact is that the cost of your education is going to vary depending on the type, duration, and location of the program you choose. So the answer to the question whether overseas education is an affordable option or not rests on you. 

Myth 2: Communicating With Foreigners

In most foreign colleges, English is the spoken language and also the medium of instruction. However, before applying, take a look at language pre-requisites or criteria prescribed by your university. Before commencing your course, you can expose yourself to audios that help you understand foreign language accents, speech modulation, and foreign tongue. Take this as an opportunity to a new language or different English in a foreign country is an immense opportunity to enhance your linguistic proficiency. This also helps to connect with multi-linguistic people allowing you to get more proficiency in your language. Furthermore, you will attain near native fluency in English that would enrich your communication skills which makes it easier to get into top companies.

Myth 3: Scholarships are hardly available!

Fortunately, there are numerous study abroad scholarships that you can take advantage of, which are either merit or examination based. Make sure you do your research before-hand and make use of all the opportunities in hand to reduce your financial burden. Most colleges have a straight forward and clear scholarship application process — be sure to hand in all the materials before the due date.

Myth 4: Studying abroad is just about having fun!

It's about studying, learning and building valuable skills. There is no doubt that some students' view studying abroad as a vacation, going just to party with other students. It expands personal horizons while opening up a world of personal and professional opportunities. Although it should be fun, it's also a serious undertaking that will challenge students on a personal level and have an impact on their academic career. Studying abroad includes taking classes, preferably taught by local professors on locally-relevant subjects - and in the local language if possible. Students will learn about different education systems and ways of teaching. They will find themselves challenging their own ideas and beliefs once they've had a chance to experience an alternate perspective.

Therefore, these are just some common misconceptions that we wanted you to get straight. Explore all your options well before you reject, or think of rejecting, this life time opportunity. 


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