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A budding and trending avenue – International Project Development

Written by ESC ADMIN on 11 Apr 2020 Posted in Blog

Study International Project Development

The MSc International Project Development prepares future managers to develop international business projects, from design to implementation, and to progress fast during your career in Business Development. With 100% students finding employment within the first 3 months of passing out the programs has proven to be a strong tool for the prospective job seeker. The salary estimations are in the range of 35 to 40,000 Euros depending on the field and designation of employment.

A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire in the field of project management and business development include:

Business Development Executive

Project Manager

Key Account Manager

Export Manager

Area Manager

These positions can be in various job sectors from Retailing, Media & advertising, Luxury sector to even the Automotive industry. The applications of the program are limitless and covering a wide range of job possibilities.

The programme is structured around 4 skill areas. The students work on various projects, from conception to implementation, as well as on business case studies. They also take part in a simulation game and an online challenge at international level.

Designing projects on an international scale

Directing projects at international level

Managing an establishment and/or a structure abroad

Managing a multicultural team

At the end of the training, the student will have mastered the specific features involved in the management of international projects.

One of the top Universities in Paris offer this specialised program that prepares future managers to develop international business projects from design to implementation thanks to a strong experiential approach and the PRINCE2 certification as a bonus!

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