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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “ESC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

Student recruitment

The latest studies confirm it: A veritable wave of students is overwhelming the foreign colleges and universities. Global opportunities and not enough advanced study programs offered in Indian public higher education to meet the demand.

  • Each year, about 3million students’ graduate from secondary schools.
  • By 2020 the student population will be doubled considering educational reforms in the country.
  • Read more basic information about India here.
  • Visit the Department of Education, Govt of India for more details about Indian educational system here

Foreign orientation of Indian students continually growing

  • In the last decade, the number of Indian students abroad rose from 120 thousands in 2002 to around 200 thousands in 2012.
  • The most popular countries are the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and other European Countries etc:
  • The motivation driving the international mobility of students in the years to come is harmonization of the third-level educational framework in India.

Internationalization of the third-level education system in India

  • Many Indian third-level educational institutions are presently in the process of reorientation.
  • The first step taken was the introduction of fees for state universities and privatization of colleges. Aided colleges and universities started charging tuition fees equivalent to foreign Universities.
  • From the point of view of many students, foreign universities offer more possibilities and advantages than Indian universities concerning further education and career opportunities in the international market.

A rapidly growing market for international colleges/universities with attractive Bachelor & Master programs is an expected consequence. As there aren’t enough study places available in the Indian higher education to meet this demand, this is an unique opportunity for universities who wants to increase their international character with a greater influx of Indian students.

Study bachelors Masters Europe Scholarship, Free

Education Fairs in India

Education fairs represent one of the most efficient ways of meeting large numbers of qualified students. Among numerous methods to recruit students, education fairs often form the core activity in their annual marketing plans of major universities. Education fairs, which stands as the effective way to market your institutional plans, must be regarded as an integral part of your overall strategy, as they contribute to your overall success. The challenge is to locate the right event and we can help you find the fair that suits your specific needs and students.

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