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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “ESC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

Higher Education Marketing

For effective student recruitment marketing, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the target group. We have developed expertise in the field of student recruitment solutions in India.

We adapt our services to your specific situation. Your institution is unique and needs individualized ways of student recruitment. Let’s combine your competencies with ours in order to realize successful student recruitment activities in India.

Differentiating between target groups

We distinguish between three large segments in recruitment for higher education institutions.

Three recruitment levels

The importance of differentiating between the target groups should be taken into account when designing a recruitment strategy. The better the target group is identified the better the messages can be conveyed. This helps to ensure effective and efficient recruitment.

We distinguish between three large segments in recruitment for higher education institutions:

  • Higher secondary school students
  • Bachelor degree students
  • Master degree students

For each of these groups, method and form of communication (formal/informal) as well as the message need to be adapted.

Every recruitment campaign should be specifically directed to one of the segments, based on which study programmes you would like to recruit for. This results in clearer messages and less wastage loss during the communication process.

When deciding on a recruitment strategy the following aspects should be evaluated with regard to the relevance for the target group:

  • Communication channels (Which media/events are frequented by the target group?)
  • Information (Which information is essential for the decision-making process of the target group?)
  • Form of communication (What demographic factors such as age or educational background characterize the target group? Should we communicate rather formal or informal?)
  • Message (Which of our USP’s are important to the target group? How can we convince them of our institution?)

For each target group the answers will be different. Even slight differences should be recognized and taken seriously in order not to misspend budget and human resources.

Overview of our range of services for your student recruitment activities

Often, event marketing is already a well-integrated part of the marketing activities at institutions of higher education. With events it is possible to set clear goals for a campaign and to measure its effectiveness.

We are your partner in planning, promoting and executing your events. As required, we can act as a full-service provider that organizes the whole event or carry out particular tasks which you do not want to handle yourself. Mostly, we arrange and promote the events in India while the realization is done by our clients.

Examples of event marketing activities for universities:

  • Information days in foreign countries
  • Open days
  • Study try-out
  • Student recruitment fairs
  • Career days
  • Information days on specific topics: e.g. technology

ESC develops and executes complete online marketing campaigns tailored to your needs. Online marketing has become an important part of today’s communication activities of universities and colleges. Most of your prospective students are familiar with Web 2.0 and use it on a daily basis. The internet offers diverse possibilities for educational institutions to communicate with their target group, including search engine optimized websites, innovative campaigns and communication via social communities.

3.Press and media services for India

Public relations are an important part of your student recruitment activities

Publishing new, innovative lecture methods and research results from your university is an attractive possibility to advance your student recruitment activities in India. Before or after the successful completion of an event organized by your institution, you can easily make it public through well-organized press work. In this way you improve the awareness of your institution in India in a cost-effective manner.

a.Less expensive than advertisements
Publishing adverts is relatively expensive while well-organized press work is a cheaper alternative. Oftentimes, interesting press releases are published in newspapers and magazines or broadcast on radio and TV, thus achieving a good media presence.

b.PR & adverts
The combination of press releases and adverts can also be right for you. Using this combination increases your influence on the message and the time at which the message is sent.

c.Our press service – your advantage
ESC is your expert concerning press releases in India – our range of services includes:

  • Creation of PR plans
  • Writing and optimization of press releases
  • Creation of additional PR materials (pictures, graphics, etc.)
  • Creation of a press distribution list among 50,000 Indian journalists (e.g. based on topics or regions)
  • Dispatch of press releases to editorial offices
  • Telephone follow-up activities after the dispatch of press releases
  • Publishing of press releases on online press portals (Web 2.0)

On request, we also conduct extensive media monitoring to give you a good overview of those newspapers, magazines, TV and radios shows that actually report on your institution.

d.Media services for India – the selection is of prime importance
There is a huge range of media that can be used to promote your institution, study programme or events. We help you select the appropriate tools (e.g. banner advertisements, adverts) to communicate with your target group (independent media advice). With our media expertise we help you use your marketing budget efficiently

Allegations with secondary schools, colleges and universities in India helps you communicate with future students to promote various courses in your University and the following possibilities to communicate with prospective students when cooperating with secondary schools, colleges and Universities can be effectively utilized.

  • Participation in events on choice of study/career that are frequently organized by schools or colleges/Universities.
  • Promotion of your own events (e.g. open days) by informing the cooperating schools or colleges/Universities.
  • Preparation of information materials that are handed out to the prospective students via the respective contact persons

These networking strategies should be adopted as a part of every long-term student recruitment strategy.

Apart from the attractiveness of the study courses themselves, using communication tools designed in an appropriate format aimed at a specific target group is indispensible for your success. Appealing print media (brochures, flyers, magazines, etc.) and digital media (PowerPoint presentations, websites, newsletter, etc.) are basic essentials to encourage prospective students to make a decision in favor of your institution, and we assist you with service in this area also.

Student recruitment fairs are a frequently used instrument to attract prospective students to a university or college, the success of which is a result of the skills of the team that represents the institution. Unfortunately, those events often do not result in a measurable outcome for the institution. The critical success factors include:

  • Adequate target group (quantity and quality of the fair visitors)
  • Appropriate goals of student recruitment
  • Well-trained fair team
  • Well-organized follow-up of the contacts collected at the fair.

One part of a successful student recruitment strategy is good media planning that answers the following queries.

  • Which activities and events (e.g. open days, student recruitment fairs...) should be promoted and how (e.g. direct mailing, online campaign ...)
  • At which point in time does information need to be distributed to reach this year’s high school graduates?
  • Should you choose to print brochures for each study course? or one that represents the whole institution?

This results in poorly frequented events and not achieving the recruitment target for the study courses.

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