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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “ESC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

ESC Educational Consultancy

Strategic consultancy for student recruitment

With our integrated approach in consulting, we provide you with our knowledge about international student recruitment trends, marketing tools and concepts. No matter what kind of challenge you face, and you can count on our expertise.

Our approaches, models and methods are centered to a synergetic effect. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” is that we have internalized and bear in mind. Even if we are only commissioned to optimize or develop a few sub-areas of requirements, these actions will have an influence on other areas of your organization too. In short we offer you services in arena of your student recruitment than merely working as admission agents.

Our integrated approach does not compromise in the quality service, we consider ourselves to be a full service provider that supports you through the entire marketing process – until the desired results have been achieved.

Jointly we develop concepts for the positioning of your institution, faculty or study course on a global level. You as the decision-maker are advised by ESC on how to develop, define and achieve your strategic aims in the field of international student recruitment and our expertise includes:

  • Strategy development for successful positioning and student recruitment in India. With the growing competition for students, promising strategies for international student recruitment are becoming more stringent. And in order to use the ample opportunities for student recruitment that result from globalization, pro-active recruitment measures are crucial.

  • Clearly devised strategies are essential to successfully meet the current challenges:

    1. Using the opportunities resulting from globalization in an effective manner.
    2. Achieving consistent positioning of your institution among Indian students.

    We also offer services to extend your knowledge about India’s target group and gain advantage over your competitors.

  • Independent media advice
    Dozens of communication channels are available and often accessed by the youth. It is crucial to deploy the internet portals; there are a number of unsuitable media. Our extended services aid you to market your institution through various media.

  • Our way of working
    We are experts in the field of international student recruitment. For many years we have been working with our clients to fulfil their individual needs. Over the years we have developed diverse methods and concepts that have proven to perform well. At ESC, theory and practice are closely related. To comply with your individual situation, the interdisciplinary ESC’s team is committed to working out custom-made concepts that are executed jointly.

Market-oriented study programmes (Innovative courses, successful graduates):

We are familiar with your target group, and we know what students expect from bachelor and master programmes. We can advise you in designing new market-oriented study programmes and developing current programmes. Our competencies also include the promotion of these modern attractive study programmes.

  • How to reach high-school or university students and graduates in the most effective way?
  • Which media it is worth to place an advert in?
  • Which internet portals your institution should be represented on?
  • Which opportunities arise from social communities?
  • How Google Ad-Words can contribute to the fulfillment of your marketing goals?

We answer your questions in a competent and independent way. ESC advises you in selecting the appropriate media. Your benefit is learning how to communicate with your target group in the best possible way.

International student recruitment activities start with developing appropriate study courses.

Which instruction language to use?

Is the content also interesting to foreign students?

Many times, minor adjustments of the curriculum or changing the name of the programme can result in more applicants, fewer drop-outs and ultimately more successful graduates. An international orientation or modules specifically matching an economic sector can improve the attractiveness and quality of your study courses.

Along with using existing media, we offer you the opportunity to develop your own media material. Websites that are appropriate for the target group or informative newsletters – we understand the best concepts and measures to achieve your communication goals.

ESC develops custom-made solutions for your instituiton.

Analysis and surveys

Often, analysis and surveys provide the groundwork for planning and strategy making. This also applies to international student recruitment strategies.

We conduct analysis based on your individual needs.

  • To what extent will new study programmes be in demand with Indian students?
  • What are the current market potentials in India?
  • Which kind of study programmes are strongly demanded by higher secondary -school graduate at the moment?

These kinds of questions need to be answered before new study programmes are introduced to Indian higher secondary -school graduates. By conducting a market analysis we survey the potential of your study programmes for the Indian student market. The results from these analyses are of great importance when setting up recruitment strategies in India.

USP analysis for universities and study programmes

For successful marketing it is essential to know your unique selling points (USP). USPs can be related to the entire institution, a single faculty or a study programme. Possible questions to be answered by an USP analyst are:

  • What makes you stand out from other institutions?
  • What are the decisive reasons to study at your institution?
  • Do you maintain good networks, exchange programmes or liaisons with economic organizations?
  • Do you offer unique study programmes or specializations?

Advantages of knowing your USPs

The members of your target group will make their decision for or against your institution based on the perceived USPs. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate your USPs and to communicate them consistently through different channels (brochures, website, etc.). If clear USPs are missing in your communication, your marketing activities will not be successful. Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from our experience in conducting USP analysis for universities and colleges. Together we can investigate your USPs and communicate them to your target group.

To uncover how your study programmes are positioned in comparison to those of competing institutions, we carry out benchmark analysis.

Whether a high secondary -school graduate will choose your institution can only be influenced after having reviewed the differences between your offer and competing offers. Once you know your competition, you can modify or improve your study programmes to positively influence your prospective future students' choice.

Consequently, benchmark analysis are also a tool for the quality assurance of your study programmes.

Benchmarking for study courses: Investigation, optimisation

To learn how the quality factors of your programmes are rated compared to the competition, we compile a detailed expert report. With this information it is possible for you to optimise your study courses and their public presentation.

With the analysis of student streams, you can produce a basis for the strategy development of your student recruitment. This analysis answers the following questions, among others:

  • Which regions do your current students come from?
  • Which study courses are most popular?
  • What trends are evident in the choice of study programmes?

Besides being useful for student recruitment, the results of a student streams analysis is valuable for designing new courses or restructuring the current programmes.

Student streams analysis – Information for your student recruitment

For your student recruitment office, this analysis is useful to learn about the current situation (e.g. market share in certain regions). Based on the results, you can formulate goals for student recruitment in these regions. By regularly updating the data from the analysis of student streams, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of your student recruitment activities.

Use our student streams analysis to develop successful, long-term student recruitment strategies.

SWOT – Internationalisation of your university

  • Which opportunities arise from internationalisation of your institution?
  • How effective is your international office?
  • Which of your study programmes are suitable for international students?
  • How are other institutions handling the topic of internationalisation?

To answer these questions, we have developed a SWOT analysis. This SWOT analysis is specifically tailored to the field of internationalisation of an institution for higher education.

The opportunity: An international classroom

Often, the “international classroom” is an important indicator of the attractiveness of a university and its study programmes. The more international students are recruited by your institution, the higher the international visibility. This is also very attractive to prospective domestic students. Foreign researchers and students bring new ideas and cultural and social enrichment. Those institutions that first notice and make use of these new opportunities will belong to the winners of globalisation in the long run.

Organize the internationalisation of your institution

To achieve a pro-active organization of the internationalisation process, it is essential to know your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats arising that are related to this process. This knowledge forms an important basis for the development and execution of strategies.

ESC can conduct a SWOT analysis for your individual internationalisation process. Based on the results, recommendations are made for successful internationalisation.

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