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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “ESC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

Seminars & Workshops

We would like to share our expertise with you. Therefore, we invite you to participate in our seminars and training courses. Our seminars are practice-oriented, and different cases are presented. Developments relevant to the seminar topic are discussed as well.

Seminar & Workshop Overview

Millions of students rising in India and therefore, India is the second largest student market in Asia. With an income and student mobility rate, India is an attractive country to recruit students from. However, the success rate of different educational products can vary substantially. In this workshop you will learn about which educational products can be marketed and what is the realistic success rate, which state or market and marketing channels can be used and which factors influence the marketing process.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • The Indian student market
  • Trends in the Indian higher education market
  • The marketing process
  • Factors that influence the marketing process

Learning objectives:

  • Gain familiarity with the Indian student market
  • Have a clearer picture of the study courses which can successfully be marketed in India
  • Gain knowledge about successful communication tools for student recruitment in India

Type: Public & In-house seminar, online(skype), duration is flexible.

Target group: Decision-makers and staff members responsible for internationalization and student recruitment as well as staff members responsible for communication and public relations

For further information, please contact us.(Skype id and Sign)

In India, it was decided to withdraw the pre university education system and made the high schooling students to apply for higher education in technical or diploma level and also introduced technical / vocational higher secondary education system and this reform has not effectively been introduced in University level. In consequence, lack of demanding study programs and opportunities in overseas a rolling process has increased the demand of overseas education, across the different Indian states, resulting in a shortage of study places in the respective states in India

For many foreign universities and colleges, this is a unique opportunity to fill their unused capacities.

The parents and students are concerned about this development. They are afraid of possibly not getting a study place.

  • Mobility of Indian students increases
    In order to start the study course of their choice, Indian students are becoming increasingly mobile due to the shortage of study places in India and global opportunities .They easily move to other Indian regions or go abroad to study.

  • Doubling high-school graduation classes: Use the potential
    This presents great opportunities for institutions located outside India. You have the ability to offer the prospective students a new perspective, and at the same time you can fill the unused capacities of your study programs. It is essential to take action now in order to benefit from the increasing number of Indian high-school and university graduates.

Learning objectives:

  • Getting to know the current opportunities in the Indian market
  • Taking advantage of the doubling number of Indian high-school and university graduates
  • Becoming familiar with the channels that are suitable for communication with the Indian target group

Type: In-house seminar, online(skype), duration is flexible, (sign of Skype)

Target group: Decision-makers and staff members are responsible for internationalization and student recruitment as well as staff members are responsible for communication and public relations

By arrangement. Please contact us,.

For further information, please contact us.

Training for university/college representatives and students

To recruit students, you probably already have a stand at national or regional student recruitment fairs. The advantage of these fairs is obvious. You have direct contact with a large number of prospective new students. Unfortunately, the number of competing exhibitors is usually large, too. How can you attract the attention and interest of the visitors to your stand?

To succeed at student recruitment fairs, a well-trained and motivated team is required. For many years, ESC has been training fair teams to make these events more successful.

Trust in our expertise and experience with training teams for student recruitment fairs. We can educate your employees/students to achieve a good visibility of your stand and target-group appropriate communication to the target group. With a motivated team that demonstrates the right body language, pro-actively communicates with the target group and is placed in appealing surroundings, the prospective students will feel comfortable at your stand.

The fair training of ESC is offered as an in-house seminar. That allows us to adapt the training to your situation and to discuss your individual questions.

Learning objectives:

  • Strategy and role allocation at the fair stand
  • Message
  • Approach
  • Body language
  • Do’s & Don’ts

Type: In-house training, online training(skype), duration is flexible. (Sign of Skype)

Target group: Persons employed at student recruitment fairs

Costs: By arrangement. Please contact us, and we will submit an offer.

For further information, please contact us

You can register directly for participation in our public seminars. For further information , please contact our senior consultant: razak@europestudycentre.com

We arrange to hold our seminars and training courses as in-house events so that the learning objectives can be adapted to your current situation.

For further information ,
please contact our senior consultant: razak@europestudycentre.com

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