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Service Quality in Higher Education: The Experience of Overseas Students

post img Written by ESC Admin on 12 Feb 2019. Posted in Blog

The environment in which Higher education institutions operate is becoming more open to the increasing international influence and competition and leads to increasing opportunities for international studies. The quality of the academic staff and study programmes are the most important factors in creating value for…

Earn While You Learn

post img Written by ESC Admin on 11 Feb 2019. Posted in Blog

Many students work and study at the same time. Having a part-time job or summer work is very common in the Czech Republic. There are working options for international students as well and knowing the local language can be definite plus though not always a…

Education Agents

post img Written by ESC Admin on 05 Feb 2019. Posted in Blog

An education agent is an individual, company or organization that provides educational advice, support and placement to students in a local market who are interested in studying abroad. There are different types of education agents that you might encounter when seeking a representative abroad.


post img Written by ESC Admin on 05 Feb 2019. Posted in Blog

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought. A graduate research degree provides a unique opportunity to follow an area of interest and make an important contribution to the chosen field. Business research enables companies to…


post img Written by ESC Admin on 31 Jan 2019. Posted in Blog

Digital Media use is increasing more rapidly in developing economies than in developed ones. International students are progressively participating in discussions through online mediums, which in turn are molding their study abroad choices. The world's most prevalent long range informal communication site is, obviously, Facebook,…

Artificial intelligence in education sector

post img Written by ESC Admin on 29 Jan 2019. Posted in Blog

Educational programs powered by Artificial Intelligence are already helping students to learn basic skills, but as these programs grow and as developers learn more, they will likely offer students a much wider range of services. The world of academia is becoming more personalized and convenient…


post img Written by ESC Admin on 17 Jan 2019. Posted in Blog

From 1995 onwards we started to utilize globalization more than before just after the foundation of WTO. By this anyone can get any product or services from anywhere in to his hand. Because of Globalization doing business became very easy by reducing the overall cost…

University of Pécs Among the Elite of Green Universities

post img Written by ESC Admin on 09 Jan 2019. Posted in Blog

The University of Pécs was ranked 140th on the list of UI GreenMetric University Ranking comparing 719 higher education institutions from all over the world. 

Technical University of Ostrava

post img Written by ESC Admin on 09 Jan 2019. Posted in Blog

Scientists from VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava are developing a monitoring device for greater safety of firefighters and paramedics.


Framework designed by ESN VŠB-TUO which collaborates with local companies interested in hiring foreign students as interns.

post img Written by ESC Admin on 28 Dec 2018. Posted in Blog

Members of ESN do their best to open the door for you to find some practice in Ostrava. 
You can not only go and see many excursions in companies in normal working time but also be more active and join the IRC4S project in order get…

9 reasons to Study in Europe

post img Written by Europe Study Centre on 26 Sep 2018. Posted in Blog

What does studying in Europe offer you?

Here are 9 good reasons to choose Europe for your higher education:

1. Practical Learning

Want to get rid of Theoritical learning? Then you are at right place.. Europe provides 70% practical education.

2.  Reach your full potential

World-leading universities,…

MBA in Europe

post img Written by ESC on 12 Sep 2018. Posted in Blog

It is often observed that individuals with effective communication skills and an outgoing disposition tend to take up Business degrees in their graduation as well as post graduation years. This seems to be one of the main reasons that MBA courses are always in demand.…

Tips to prepare for IELTS

post img Written by ESC on 20 Feb 2017. Posted in Blog

IELTS measures your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and assesses your ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country.

Remember that skimming and scanning are important exam skills. Skimming is the quickest way of finding out what a text, or part of a text…

Tips to study abroad

post img Written by ESC on 24 Jan 2017. Posted in Blog

Studying abroad can be a fun and safe experience but it is important to realize that you are subject to the laws and customs of another country.

Studying abroad can do so many things for an individual. On the personal side, students are able to…

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